Performance Tracks

Performance Tracks…are recordings of the music without the lead vocal for your own performances.  In most cases, the song is only available in its original key.  When you purchase a CD track, a full performance is also included and the permission fee is built-in to the price. If you're being paid for your performance or would like to sell copies of your recording, please see the next column:

Licensing of Kyle's works

Getting a license for the use of one of Kyle's songs is easy and inexpensive.  By filling out the license using the links below, you insure that you're on solid legal grounds to use the song and you show your support for the songwriter and all those behind the making of the recording.  If you have any problems, call 864-551-0829 and we'll be happy to help.
I want to...
  • Kyle's lyrics.
  • ...use Kyle's performance of a song in a video.
  • ...use a new performance of Kyle's song/s in a video.
  • ...have one of Kyle's songs as a central theme to a conference or event.