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The Strange Saga of "We Fall Down" 

I wrote “We Fall Down” in season of life when two things were happening.  The CCM music industry was moving very quickly toward an almost exclusive diet of “praise music,” and we songwriters were being specifically asked to avoid the dark themes of human frailty and failing, human relationships, human issues, and focus instead on uptempo, happy, clappy, vertically-directed love songs to God.  After 9-11 especially, people wanted to be happy, to be assured, to lose themselves in confident praise of their…

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Prayer after yet another mass shooting 

Several folks have asked for the prayer I prayed last Sunday after the Parkland massacre.  Are any words adequate?  I don't think so.  But here's an effort I hope helps.




Pastoral Prayer, kyle matthews, first baptist greenville 2/18/18 


O God, we need you this day.  We gather here from the gamut of life experiences 

some of us exalting in the beauty of this day and the many blessings we enjoy 

others of us come so low, so burdened, so worried, so grief-stricken we…

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A Dream Worth Dreaming 

When Kenneth and Lisa Lee Rust became aware of the desperate need in their community for a shelter for women and children, they brought together churches, city leaders, social services professionals, and caring donors to do something about it.  Their vision was to give a generous gift to the city: a modern facility complete with a kitchen and a live-in social worker to provide leadership, aid and security for the guest families.  Last year, they invited me to do a fund-raising concert in support of this…

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Professional Faux-Pas No Match for Sleeping Beauty 

File: The Power to Bless

Talk about embarrassing… I was doing a concert for the good folks at First Baptist Church of Knoxville, in one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in the country, when, after years of writing and weeks of recording and rehearsing, I got halfway through the title track of my album “Be Here Now”… and forgot the words.  I paused, admitted forgetting, made a joke to buy time, and tried again…but no, it wouldn’t come.  I finally had to just start another song and move on.  My audience was…

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So That... 

I was privileged on Sunday to perform a concert to benefit the Lumberton Christian Care Center in Lumberton, NC as they began to realize their dream of building a facility that will provide shelter and much-needed support services to homeless families in one of the poorest counties in North Carolina, including mothers with children, a growing population where most shelters are able to take only men.  Once this facility opens, their next goal will be to provide counseling and job preparedness/placement…Read more