"May the gifts we give this Christmas
Meet the needs that go unmet
May they heal the hurt between us
May they say what's gone unsaid
May we find at last in Jesus
The gift we've always sought
And let the love we show each other
Be the gift we give to God"

               - from "The Gifts We Give"

The Timeless Album

Since the debut of Timeless Christmas Child, Kyle's most popular CD to date, the Christmas season has become one of the busiest times of the year at See for Yourself Music. Kyle does Christmas concerts from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and we're working to make sure you have everything you need for gifts, worship services, advent devotions, and celebrations. Our hope is that we might be able to contribute some beauty and some substance to your Christmas experience.

Christmas Concerts

The music of Christmastime cries out for shared music making, so Kyle always includes lots of familiar carols in his Christmas concerts!  If you're children's choir would like to sing "Everything Santa Knows" or you have a vocal ensemble that wants to chime in on "One of Us," or if you've got some terrific musicians who don't want to sit this concert out, let us know.  We've got some fun ideas and would always like to hear yours!(Just make sure we hear from you in time for your musicians to learn their parts!)
This is a fan video that we have enjoyed sharing. It captures the essence of Kyle's song, Everything Santa Knows
Some suggestions for making the most of a Kyle Matthews Christmas Concert:
  • Involve local singers and musicians. Christmas is a busy time, and the more people we involve, the more people are likely to attend.
  • Tie the concert to a charity or ministry awareness fundraiser. Let's show your community we know the "true meaning of Christmas."
  • Use Kyle's lyrics and song commentaries in worship services and Sunday School classes in those weeks leading up to the event. There's too much good stuff in there to unpack during the concert.
  • Most likely, your church musicians will prepare all fall for a big music concert of your own, leaving little time to prepare for all the other worship services of the advent season. Choose one of those other Sundays as a time to host a Kyle Matthews concert. Your musicians will enjoy it and they'll thank you for the break!
  • Plan a Christmas Coffeehouse or Home concert!

Christmas Specials